Easy Portfolio-ePortfolio Tool for Students and Teachers

Are you a teacher looking to create student portfolios?  Now with https://itunes.apple.com/usapp/easy-portfolio-eportfolio/id516212900?mt=8   $1.99 you can create portfolios for each of your students.  You can add photos, url’s, word and PDF documents, audio, videos and notes.   Export the portfolio to your Dropbox or Google Drive.  You can email individual documents, photos, etc to parents or colleague

Capture student work in a flash allowing you to use it all for Assessments!

Never carry a manilla folder again!

Never carry a manilla folder again!

– Use a portfolio as a perfect segway to conversation at parent teacher night.
– Record learning evidence to highlight student achievement and improvements
– Monitor student behavior and learning progress with the notes section
– Record audio notations with the record feature

As a Special Education teacher this app will help keep records for parents and Alternate Assessment testing.  Now you can leave your manilla folders in the file cabinet and just simply carry your iPad with all of your students’ information.   What could be easier?

This is a must have app for all teachers!