Talk About it: Objects Pro HD

Talk About It: Objects Pro HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development, $4.99 is a unique app because the goal narrative and expressive language.  The app allows up to 30 students on one iPad, which is perfect for a Speech Therapist who is working with a large caseload.

Before you begin it is extremely important to go to your settings. First,  is the objects box.  You can customize or use the built in objects. Next,  is the guess box. I highly recommend starting with 3 to begin with.  As the student progresses you can bump up to 5 or 7. This requires a good working memory and the ability to visualize the statements the student chooses.  Recording is the next setting.  It allows you to set up clues for students who can not remember what they chose in the guess box.  The app  also has a track progress. You can choose to have it displayed or not.

Now that you have completed the settings it is time to play. Students touch the question mark and watch the rolling pictures until it stops. Next, you go to the guess box and tick off the sentences that describe the item.  For example you may land on a shoe.  In the guess box you would choose A shoe is something you can wear on your foot.  You continue this until you have three sentences that are relevant about the shoe. Once you have completed the sentences the goal is to remember as many sentences as you can without looking and record yourself as you try to remember.  If the student is struggling there are magnifying glasses at the bottom of the screen to give you a hint.

The app is designed object pro for children ages 6-12, but can be adapted for younger and older users. It is perfect for children who need practice with defining, describing, vocabulary development, explaining, and understanding salient features (what’s important) about an object or place. It also offers an excellent way to integrate articulation and fluency practice!