Spelling City

All in one vocabulary, spelling and data tracking.

All in one vocabulary, spelling and data tracking.

Are you looking to customize your students spelling, writing, and assignments for all of your students?  Please check out the app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spellingcity/id538407602?mt=8.  The app is free with the ability to use pre-loaded sample lists.  If you are looking to report to parent and monitor student work based upon individual IEP goals the premium membership will allow you to do this.  Log onto http://www.spellingcity.com and create a premium account for $49.95 for 25 students.

I have now created my own lists and lists that align to the Common Core Standards by grade. My students are on four different levels. I have created group lists for each student with assignments that match their goals.  Each student can log on either to the website or use the app to work on designated assignments.  Students can work in class or at home.  Teachers can follow student’s assignments and send data results to parents and colleagues.

Now you can create lists based on books students are reading or social studies and science Common Core words as well as the new Skills and Credential vocabulary for students receiving the Alternate Assessment Portfolio.  Finally an all in one app that can be customized and collects data to share with parents!

Easy Portfolio-ePortfolio Tool for Students and Teachers

Are you a teacher looking to create student portfolios?  Now with https://itunes.apple.com/usapp/easy-portfolio-eportfolio/id516212900?mt=8   $1.99 you can create portfolios for each of your students.  You can add photos, url’s, word and PDF documents, audio, videos and notes.   Export the portfolio to your Dropbox or Google Drive.  You can email individual documents, photos, etc to parents or colleague

Capture student work in a flash allowing you to use it all for Assessments!

Never carry a manilla folder again!

Never carry a manilla folder again!

– Use a portfolio as a perfect segway to conversation at parent teacher night.
– Record learning evidence to highlight student achievement and improvements
– Monitor student behavior and learning progress with the notes section
– Record audio notations with the record feature

As a Special Education teacher this app will help keep records for parents and Alternate Assessment testing.  Now you can leave your manilla folders in the file cabinet and just simply carry your iPad with all of your students’ information.   What could be easier?

This is a must have app for all teachers!


Talk About it: Objects Pro HD

Talk About It: Objects Pro HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development, $4.99 is a unique app because the goal narrative and expressive language.  The app allows up to 30 students on one iPad, which is perfect for a Speech Therapist who is working with a large caseload.

Before you begin it is extremely important to go to your settings. First,  is the objects box.  You can customize or use the built in objects. Next,  is the guess box. I highly recommend starting with 3 to begin with.  As the student progresses you can bump up to 5 or 7. This requires a good working memory and the ability to visualize the statements the student chooses.  Recording is the next setting.  It allows you to set up clues for students who can not remember what they chose in the guess box.  The app  also has a track progress. You can choose to have it displayed or not.

Now that you have completed the settings it is time to play. Students touch the question mark and watch the rolling pictures until it stops. Next, you go to the guess box and tick off the sentences that describe the item.  For example you may land on a shoe.  In the guess box you would choose A shoe is something you can wear on your foot.  You continue this until you have three sentences that are relevant about the shoe. Once you have completed the sentences the goal is to remember as many sentences as you can without looking and record yourself as you try to remember.  If the student is struggling there are magnifying glasses at the bottom of the screen to give you a hint.

The app is designed object pro for children ages 6-12, but can be adapted for younger and older users. It is perfect for children who need practice with defining, describing, vocabulary development, explaining, and understanding salient features (what’s important) about an object or place. It also offers an excellent way to integrate articulation and fluency practice!

Math Minis Addition and Subtraction

Math Minis Addition and Subtraction is a Common Core Standard App for First Grade Math. The app was made by Ripple Digital Publishing.  The first 4 levels are free and levels 5-8 are $.99.   For children who need visual modeling this is a great little app.  because

images-2they use pictures and words for non readers when asking questions.   It would be nice to have a voice component as an addition in a later update.  Scores are kept at the top right of the screen to track how many are correct and incorrect.  Students can not move to the next level until they complete the prior level.  This is good for students who have difficulty staying focused.  This app is also good to use for review or for Response to Intervention for students who may be struggling and need the extra help and time on concepts that other students have mastered.  If you are in a class with different levels this is a perfect app for students who are on a beginners level.

The app includes Counting and number patterns, basic addition, advanced addition, basic subtraction, advanced subtraction addition and subtraction review, combining addition and subtraction and the final challenge.

If you are working with children with special needs you can use this app as a reinforcer to your curriculum.  After you are completed with a lesson students can work independently on different levels.  Teachers and para-professionales can track students to record their progress.  Independent work is always beneficial in the class to see if students can follow directions on their own.

IEP Goals:

Student will be able to count to 20 independently.
Student will be able to add one step addition problems
Students will be able to subtract single digit number problems




Middle School Confidential 1 Be Confident

Do you have a child or work with students in middle school?  This app/book Middle School Confidential by Electric Eggplant for $2.99 is different because it is comic like book discussing topics that middle school students deal with.  The book has 8 chapters  from Do you Like the Way you Look?, Sometimes I Worry What Other People Think,  Sometimes I just Lose it, Meet the OpinionatorBe confidFact Finder, I Don’t Get it, I’m Stressed Out, and I Like Who I Am.  

If you are a school Psychologist or School Counselor this is a great app to add to a group as it covers the topics all middle school children struggle with.  The use of a comic book is very familiar to young teens also making the book very enticing to read.    The book has a built in cast of characters that students become familiar with.  It is a great way for students to identify with characters and root for different characters that resonate with themselves.

Students can brainstorm after chapters are read about the different situations.  They can discuss how they would feel if they were in the same place.  It is also a perfect book to role over into video modeling and video tape the students in similar situations.  As everyone knows the middle school years are the most difficult.  Here is one way to help students deal with some of the more confusing issues in a format that is not threatening and whether you are a child with special needs or not this app is for all children to learn about tolerance.

This is a great app for teachers, Psychologists and parents!

Fun Matchers

Fun Matchersby Digital Avenues Limited for $1.99 begins with setting up your options. They are quite minimal just turning on sound fun matchers

resetting the game. Next, you start by touching the white arrow to choose your background scene giving students a choice or if you are studying a theme in another class you can connect the two.

Now it’s time to play. The app contains General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning,Math and English.

You are presented with 15 different circles with different pictures.  The pictures range from sentences, 8,10 to a beetle or a splatter of red paint.  What does this all mean?   Let’s say you chose the ladybug.  You would get instruction on the next slide to match the spots on the wings with a number sentence on the right side. This becomes an addition game with matching and the ability to cross the midline.  It is a creative way to show students how to make an addition sentence.  Another game is a picture of the sun.  You are directed to match a rhyming word with sun.   A more creative game is a picture of a space alien. Your goal is to match a book title with a picture.  This is a great app for a Resource Room with children who need help on multiple skills.  It is also nice to use when students have free time and need extra help on specific topics.

You do get a score of how many the child got wrong but it would be nice to see a true data tracking program in place.  It would also be nice to have the option for sound when reading the directions for non-readers.

Fun Matchers meets a lot of the Common Core Standards for both ELA and Math for Kindergarten and First Grade.  It also is a creative way to meet IEP goals

When completing a writing assignment, the student will correctly use capital letters for the beginning of each sentence, proper nouns, titles and abbreviations.
The student will write :number organized sentences in a logical, sequential order.
When given a :number digit number, the student will verbally identify the place value of each digit (e.g., ones, tens, hundreds).
The student will verbally solve addition facts up to :number.
The student will verbally solve subtraction facts up to :number.


Dexteria- Fine Motor Skill Development

Do you have a student or a child who is Dysgraphic or has difficulty with fine motor skills?  Dexteria- Fine Motor Skill Development by BinaryLabs, Inc, for $3.99 is an inclusive app that will help students with hand and finger activities to improve their fine motor development. The app is not a game but has game-like features to keep students involved.


The app now includes multi users and data tracking for an additional $3.99.  If you are an Occupational Therapist this is a great addition to the other activities you use while being able to send reports to parents or keep in a data folio.  If you are a single user you still get a report upon completion of the daily activity.  This app does not have settings.  Instead it has options.  These include restoring to default settings and providing feedback. 

The first activity is Tap it. The goal of this activity is to develop isolation of finger movements, helps to sequencing and motor planning skills, facilitates tactile desensitization and improves attending skills.

The next activity is Pinch It. This activity helps students with fine motor manipulation needed to pick up objects and holding a pencil. The goal of this activity is to enhance thumb and pointer finger fine motor manipulation.

Finally, the last activity is Write It. This activity assists students in prewriting skills with both upper, lower case letters and numbers  The goal is to trace the letters from the correct start point to the end point following the arrow to the balls within the letter.

This app used a few times a week for short periods of time will help students increase their ability to strengthen their fine motor skills.  Personally, when tracing I give students a stylus to help the transition from iPad to paper.  The stylus will also help the student learn the appropriate pencil holding skills.

Two styluses that I recommend for younger children are the Cosmonaut for $25.00 and the Alupen $24.95. They are both thick and easy to hold onto.