My Autism Day

Did you ever wish you had a place to keep all of your information about your child or student in?  Yes, there are great note taking apps but wouldn’t you want something specific that understands the needs of your Autistic child. My Autism Day  by Little App Helpers, $1.99 is an all in one app.  If you are a teacher you can add information to Keeping Track of…. it is a great place to also keep school ID number, emergency numbers, etc. Everyday you have a place for a daily log entry.  As a teacher I can use this as a communication book with a parent.  I can tell them how their child did for the day and any specific items the child may need for the following day.

imagesNext, are the activities the child participated in everyday. It is a good place to keep ideas and thoughts that you may hear from your friends or colleagues.  Then you have the child’s goals.  If your are a teacher you can track your student’s IEP goals here.  If you are a parent the goals may be different but it is also a good place to keep everything in order.  The Health section is next and one of the most important if you are using medication or different therapies.  You have one place where you track check-ups, medications, and therapies.  If you plan to send your child to an after-school program or summer program the care givers section allows you to share information in one place. FInally you can chart the behaviors such as eye contact or other behaviors you are working on.  Analysis is the last section. It lets you see all of your nots in this section.  I know this is something I find useful when tracking  a few students. It is particularly important when I note a behavior change that is unusual.

I find this app to be a real life saver when tracking 4 or 5 students who I want to give clear and concise reports to their parents.  I am going to try using this app with all of my students and modify as needed so I can have all my information at my fingertips.