Spelling City

All in one vocabulary, spelling and data tracking.

All in one vocabulary, spelling and data tracking.

Are you looking to customize your students spelling, writing, and assignments for all of your students?  Please check out the app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spellingcity/id538407602?mt=8.  The app is free with the ability to use pre-loaded sample lists.  If you are looking to report to parent and monitor student work based upon individual IEP goals the premium membership will allow you to do this.  Log onto http://www.spellingcity.com and create a premium account for $49.95 for 25 students.

I have now created my own lists and lists that align to the Common Core Standards by grade. My students are on four different levels. I have created group lists for each student with assignments that match their goals.  Each student can log on either to the website or use the app to work on designated assignments.  Students can work in class or at home.  Teachers can follow student’s assignments and send data results to parents and colleagues.

Now you can create lists based on books students are reading or social studies and science Common Core words as well as the new Skills and Credential vocabulary for students receiving the Alternate Assessment Portfolio.  Finally an all in one app that can be customized and collects data to share with parents!

Math Minis Addition and Subtraction

Math Minis Addition and Subtraction is a Common Core Standard App for First Grade Math. The app was made by Ripple Digital Publishing.  The first 4 levels are free and levels 5-8 are $.99.   For children who need visual modeling this is a great little app.  because

images-2they use pictures and words for non readers when asking questions.   It would be nice to have a voice component as an addition in a later update.  Scores are kept at the top right of the screen to track how many are correct and incorrect.  Students can not move to the next level until they complete the prior level.  This is good for students who have difficulty staying focused.  This app is also good to use for review or for Response to Intervention for students who may be struggling and need the extra help and time on concepts that other students have mastered.  If you are in a class with different levels this is a perfect app for students who are on a beginners level.

The app includes Counting and number patterns, basic addition, advanced addition, basic subtraction, advanced subtraction addition and subtraction review, combining addition and subtraction and the final challenge.

If you are working with children with special needs you can use this app as a reinforcer to your curriculum.  After you are completed with a lesson students can work independently on different levels.  Teachers and para-professionales can track students to record their progress.  Independent work is always beneficial in the class to see if students can follow directions on their own.

IEP Goals:

Student will be able to count to 20 independently.
Student will be able to add one step addition problems
Students will be able to subtract single digit number problems




Fun Matchers

Fun Matchersby Digital Avenues Limited for $1.99 begins with setting up your options. They are quite minimal just turning on sound fun matchers

resetting the game. Next, you start by touching the white arrow to choose your background scene giving students a choice or if you are studying a theme in another class you can connect the two.

Now it’s time to play. The app contains General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning,Math and English.

You are presented with 15 different circles with different pictures.  The pictures range from sentences, 8,10 to a beetle or a splatter of red paint.  What does this all mean?   Let’s say you chose the ladybug.  You would get instruction on the next slide to match the spots on the wings with a number sentence on the right side. This becomes an addition game with matching and the ability to cross the midline.  It is a creative way to show students how to make an addition sentence.  Another game is a picture of the sun.  You are directed to match a rhyming word with sun.   A more creative game is a picture of a space alien. Your goal is to match a book title with a picture.  This is a great app for a Resource Room with children who need help on multiple skills.  It is also nice to use when students have free time and need extra help on specific topics.

You do get a score of how many the child got wrong but it would be nice to see a true data tracking program in place.  It would also be nice to have the option for sound when reading the directions for non-readers.

Fun Matchers meets a lot of the Common Core Standards for both ELA and Math for Kindergarten and First Grade.  It also is a creative way to meet IEP goals

When completing a writing assignment, the student will correctly use capital letters for the beginning of each sentence, proper nouns, titles and abbreviations.
The student will write :number organized sentences in a logical, sequential order.
When given a :number digit number, the student will verbally identify the place value of each digit (e.g., ones, tens, hundreds).
The student will verbally solve addition facts up to :number.
The student will verbally solve subtraction facts up to :number.


Measurement HD

 MeaurementAs a teacher I always wonder what is the best way to teach children measurement?  It is best when it is shown visually, but we do not always have the right tools in the classroom.  For $1.99 Emantras Inc has done a great job helping me and other teachers demonstrate measurement using  Measurement HD.

The settings in Measurement HD are just the student’s name and sound on or off.  Next, there are 5 types of measurement for the student to work on.

First, is the crazy clock.  The student is given an analog clock.  They are told they go to a different place on the hour.  The child needs to set the correct time. Next, is Scale Tale.  You have an adorable one eyed monster who has his hands spread.  The child is asked “what is heavier a donut or a full chicken”? The items are placed in the monster’s hands he moves his hands back and forth like a scale showing the student and then it lands on the chicken.  Students are learning the difference between lighter and heavier.  The third game is fill me up.  Children fill pitchers or water jugs to see which has more or less. Next, is shorter or longer.  The student is presented with two spoons, one is shorter than the other.  Finally, the last game is Action Months where students drag the letters of the month to practice spelling and the order of the months.

This app helps to reinforce measurement concepts that need to be mastered in the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.  Students who may have visual spatial difficulty will enjoy this app as it reinforces measurement concepts being taught.

IEP Goals:  When shown a clock, the student will tell time to the hour.
When comparing variable amounts of items up to :number, the student will circle the largest or smallest amount



Reading Comprehension Camp


Do you have students on a variety of reading levels? Do they each test differently? Reading Comprehension Camp by Smarty Ears For $14.99 ( the Internet says $21.99) has 50 stories on 5 different levels. Level 1 is for first and second graders. Level 5 uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability level of 6-7 grades,  designed for older students.  This is a great app when working with children on varying reading  levels. No one needs to know the level of the student except the teacher and the parent.   The other nice component of this app is the ability to have 4 students playing at once to increase socialization.

The settings are quite simple.  Adjust font size and image size.  There is the option of having the story read for non-readers or students can read to themselves.  Students can also record themselves reading to work on fluency if this is an are of concern. Upon completion of the story there are 11 types of quizzes.  If you want all tap the apple that says all.  What is really makes this app special is the types of questions you can choose.  Questions range from Wh to Inferences, Cause and Effect and more.  When you take the quiz you can hide the text or for student who are learning how to answer comprehension questions keep the text.  Each question has a hint button. The hint highlights where the answer is.

Upon completion of the quiz you get a detailed score of the session. It tells you the date, number of questions answered and stories completed. Reading Comprehension Camp is a complete app for grades 1-7.  It is appropriate for students who need Response to Intervention or meet IEP goals and Common Core Standards.    It is easy to use and great for a classroom with only a few iPads.

IEP Goals: After listening to a story or passage selection, the student will verbally identify :number facts about the story, and recall :number relevant details about the setting, characters and events.
The student will verbally identify the sequential order of events in a story that is presented orally or independently read, and identify :number words or phrases in a given story that helped develop sequence


SplashMath Kindergarten

Are you familiar with the SplashMath series?  If not this is one series that has been consistent throughout all of their apps.  They have also been the forerunner in aligning the apps to the Common Core Standards. SplashMath Kindergarten by Study Pad, Inc.

Unknownis $9.99. and covers  7 chapters of math that is appropriate for children who are on grade level and for those who need the extra help to understand counting to 20, number representation, addition concepts, subtraction, geometry and measurement.  Most important is the presentation of the app.

First, there is a parents button that you hold for 2 seconds.  Set a goal whether  it is increase concentration or set a number of questions to get  correct.  Next, add a topic from the built in syllabus.  In the settings you can control music in the background, emailing weekly reports, sync data in the cloud and even the sync the timezone.  Under the player’s settings you put the child’s name and the number of attempts the child has made. At the end of a chapter or a quarter you can send a graph of the student’s work.

The app uses a child’s voice to give directions helping those children who need the an audio component.  The jungle theme is enticing as children of this age love looking at bugs and different animals.  The “mistro” of the app is a hippo who tells the child when they are correct or to try again.

This is clearly one of the most sophisticated and detailed data tracking apps for both parents and teachers.  This is a great app for Response to Intervention helping parents see where students are struggling early in the child’s schooling.

IEP Goals:  The student will rote learn addition facts up to :number.
The student will rote learn subtraction facts up to :number.
The student will solve single digit addition problems



Plurality  by Zorten Software for $1.99 takes 24 plural words and creates them into a memory game for 1-4 players.  If you are workingPlurality with children on the spectrum you can create boards from 2×4 to 5×6.  In the settings you also choose how many plural words you feel would be appropriate for the individual child or the group. After a student takes a turn when he/she flips a card you see the singular and the plural of the word.  If you do not get a match you get a peek at the entire board if you put that in your settings.

Memory games are very important for children. They are more than just fun things your child/ student can play with but instead should be consider the starting point of a childs education. A childs memory is a treasure that should be protected and nurtured until they are able to take full advantage of it.  Plurality also encourages socialization which is extremely important with students on the spectrum. This game students learn to take turns and need to focus on their peers turn as it can help them when it is their turn as this is the strategy of  memory games.

Irregular plurals is part of the Common Core Standards.  In second grade under language-Form and use frequently occurring irregular plural nouns (e.g.,feet, children, teeth, mice, fish).Form and use frequently occurring irregular plural nouns (e.g.,feet, children, teeth, mice, fish).

IEP Goals: When given written material, the student will identify the irregular nouns.

Memory games are always a challenge for children.  It is always a bonus when there is a meaning behind the game.  It would be nice if the game could have a timer and data collection added for future reference.