iPad Apps for Autism

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Committed to Independent Thought and Analysis of apps for the iPad???????????????

app-oplexy is a place you can come to find out about the very best apps for kids with Autism. Your child may be 2 years old, but you may have just purchased an iPad and you are overwhelmed with how many apps there are to choose from.

We want you to ask questions and engage us in conversation.  app-oplexy will be like a second home.  Come back- check in.  Our goal is to post to our blog almost every day and publish our first book by the end of the Summer.   Please follow us and tell your friends.

You may ask, why another blog about Autism?   I am a teacher with a quarter of my class on the spectrum, two non-verbal students and two students with Asperger’s. I have had experience and have loved every minute of it because each student is different.  There are generally similar characteristics that we can identify, but as we have learned in the last 25- 30 years, the most common features are the inability to easily communicate or interpret body and figurative language.

There are a lot of apps out there that state they are for Autism- How do you know which will be good- after years of working with children with Autism, blogging about apps, we have developed a list of criteria:

  1. A story should have pictures, text (text should be able to be highlighted) and audio
  2. An app should provide you with the ability to customize its level of the difficulty
  3. An app should not have too many pictures that make it overwhelming
  4. An app should have a variety of settings from sound, colors and timers