iPad Apps for Special Needs

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I have attended many IEP meetings as a teacher, as a parent and as a parent advocate.  My goal is to advocate and support parents who need help through those difficult moments.

Using the iPad we saw an increase in overall comprehension. Students loved storytelling apps as they could record their story, draw a picture, hand-write or type,  giving them options to express themselves and increasing their confidence.  Parents were pleased to receive feedback and see their child’s work versus having to review an IEP progress report that does not reflect an accurate picture of who the child is and what he/she can accomplish.   Today we see the iPad as a “tool” that opens doors to children who did not have learning opportunities in the past.  Now rather then memorizing spelling words, students can input the words, add a sentence, practice the words and then test themselves.

As time goes on we would like to see developers specifically designing and developing their apps for IEP’s and school districts accepting those apps as IEP goals.