Middle School Confidential 1 Be Confident

Do you have a child or work with students in middle school?  This app/book Middle School Confidential by Electric Eggplant for $2.99 is different because it is comic like book discussing topics that middle school students deal with.  The book has 8 chapters  from Do you Like the Way you Look?, Sometimes I Worry What Other People Think,  Sometimes I just Lose it, Meet the OpinionatorBe confidFact Finder, I Don’t Get it, I’m Stressed Out, and I Like Who I Am.  

If you are a school Psychologist or School Counselor this is a great app to add to a group as it covers the topics all middle school children struggle with.  The use of a comic book is very familiar to young teens also making the book very enticing to read.    The book has a built in cast of characters that students become familiar with.  It is a great way for students to identify with characters and root for different characters that resonate with themselves.

Students can brainstorm after chapters are read about the different situations.  They can discuss how they would feel if they were in the same place.  It is also a perfect book to role over into video modeling and video tape the students in similar situations.  As everyone knows the middle school years are the most difficult.  Here is one way to help students deal with some of the more confusing issues in a format that is not threatening and whether you are a child with special needs or not this app is for all children to learn about tolerance.

This is a great app for teachers, Psychologists and parents!