Talking Tom & Ben News

Talking Tom and benDo you know Out Fit & Ltd.?  If not you are missing a great company that can make anyone chuckle. Talking Tom & Ben News Free.  This app is set up like a real television studio giving students a chance to role play what it might be like on a real set.  Students speak and Tom and Ben take turns repeating what you say.

If you swipe the characters they swivel in their chairs.  Press the dog paw and  Ben will annoy Tom. If you press the cat’s paw Tom will annoy Ben.  They use water guns and plastic darts to annoy each other.  Students can record different shows and play them for the class.

This app along with many of the other Out Fit & Ltd. apps have helped foster communication with other students.   It helps students with their expressive language either using scripts written by the students or real news.  The best part is watching the students laugh when they play with the app.  As a teacher it has been the most requested app when there is a choice of an app to use because the students love hearing their voices.  We will incorporate it on Fridays during current events allowing two student to report the news using Tom and Ben.  After it is recorded we play it back and critique the kids.

It is a creative way to get the quietest student to participate while increasing expressive language and communication skills.