Fun Matchers

Fun Matchersby Digital Avenues Limited for $1.99 begins with setting up your options. They are quite minimal just turning on sound fun matchers

resetting the game. Next, you start by touching the white arrow to choose your background scene giving students a choice or if you are studying a theme in another class you can connect the two.

Now it’s time to play. The app contains General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning,Math and English.

You are presented with 15 different circles with different pictures.  The pictures range from sentences, 8,10 to a beetle or a splatter of red paint.  What does this all mean?   Let’s say you chose the ladybug.  You would get instruction on the next slide to match the spots on the wings with a number sentence on the right side. This becomes an addition game with matching and the ability to cross the midline.  It is a creative way to show students how to make an addition sentence.  Another game is a picture of the sun.  You are directed to match a rhyming word with sun.   A more creative game is a picture of a space alien. Your goal is to match a book title with a picture.  This is a great app for a Resource Room with children who need help on multiple skills.  It is also nice to use when students have free time and need extra help on specific topics.

You do get a score of how many the child got wrong but it would be nice to see a true data tracking program in place.  It would also be nice to have the option for sound when reading the directions for non-readers.

Fun Matchers meets a lot of the Common Core Standards for both ELA and Math for Kindergarten and First Grade.  It also is a creative way to meet IEP goals

When completing a writing assignment, the student will correctly use capital letters for the beginning of each sentence, proper nouns, titles and abbreviations.
The student will write :number organized sentences in a logical, sequential order.
When given a :number digit number, the student will verbally identify the place value of each digit (e.g., ones, tens, hundreds).
The student will verbally solve addition facts up to :number.
The student will verbally solve subtraction facts up to :number.