Measurement HD

 MeaurementAs a teacher I always wonder what is the best way to teach children measurement?  It is best when it is shown visually, but we do not always have the right tools in the classroom.  For $1.99 Emantras Inc has done a great job helping me and other teachers demonstrate measurement using  Measurement HD.

The settings in Measurement HD are just the student’s name and sound on or off.  Next, there are 5 types of measurement for the student to work on.

First, is the crazy clock.  The student is given an analog clock.  They are told they go to a different place on the hour.  The child needs to set the correct time. Next, is Scale Tale.  You have an adorable one eyed monster who has his hands spread.  The child is asked “what is heavier a donut or a full chicken”? The items are placed in the monster’s hands he moves his hands back and forth like a scale showing the student and then it lands on the chicken.  Students are learning the difference between lighter and heavier.  The third game is fill me up.  Children fill pitchers or water jugs to see which has more or less. Next, is shorter or longer.  The student is presented with two spoons, one is shorter than the other.  Finally, the last game is Action Months where students drag the letters of the month to practice spelling and the order of the months.

This app helps to reinforce measurement concepts that need to be mastered in the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.  Students who may have visual spatial difficulty will enjoy this app as it reinforces measurement concepts being taught.

IEP Goals:  When shown a clock, the student will tell time to the hour.
When comparing variable amounts of items up to :number, the student will circle the largest or smallest amount