See.Touch.Learn Pro

Have you had it with all of your flashcards?  Tired of snapping rubber bands around groups of cards? WellBrainParade has created an app to take away your troubles and let you use the built in app flash cards. These cards are either  flash cards that are built in the app

imagesor lessons you design on your own.  The app is See.Touch. Learn Pro for $34.99.  There is also a free version  See.Touch. Learn.

First, the object of See.Touch.Learn Pro is to have all of the flashcards you need for any subject right at your finger tip.  When you open the app you have a choice of Lessons, Libraries, Community, Settings and What’s New.

As always I like to go to my settings. There are lesson play controls that include how you want your flash cards to react when touched. You can have text, audio wiggle an incorrect card and more.  Next, is sound customization.  This is very important depending upon the child you are working with. You can have everything from no sound to Bwoop for correct, incorrect and lesson finished.  Finally, if you want to import See.Touch.Learn Free you can do it in the settings.

Next, the app has a built in library, that is set up alphabetically.  You can search for a lesson in the search box. Once you find your lesson you go into Play Mode.  The app has a computerized voice that is available for non-readers or readers can follow the directions.  The flashcards take you through a series of selections depending upon the category.  Upon completion of the activity you get a score of how many you got correct. You also see how many attempts it may have taken if you are incorrect.  Lessons may be about vegetables.  The directions will say touch the apple.  Then you may have four pictures and need to touch something red.  This continues through a set of about nine cards.

The next stage are the libraries. You have many more choices of lessons in the libraries.  These can be downloaded for free in the Pro addition. You just choose what you want and download and it will appear in your lessons.

Finally, there is the community. The community is a shared network of teachers and therapists from all over the world.  You just need to set up a free account to download these lessons.

This app is endless.  You can make your own lessons, use other lessons from all of the world and use the built in lessons.  The pictures are vibrant and will keep the child’s attention.  The free app has 60 lessons built in for you to try before purchasing the pro.  You will not be disappointed with this app.

IEP Goals:
The student will follow a :number step direction
Using pictorial and contextual clues in classroom reading materials, the student will define and use :number vocabulary words