Reading Comprehension Camp


Do you have students on a variety of reading levels? Do they each test differently? Reading Comprehension Camp by Smarty Ears For $14.99 ( the Internet says $21.99) has 50 stories on 5 different levels. Level 1 is for first and second graders. Level 5 uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability level of 6-7 grades,  designed for older students.  This is a great app when working with children on varying reading  levels. No one needs to know the level of the student except the teacher and the parent.   The other nice component of this app is the ability to have 4 students playing at once to increase socialization.

The settings are quite simple.  Adjust font size and image size.  There is the option of having the story read for non-readers or students can read to themselves.  Students can also record themselves reading to work on fluency if this is an are of concern. Upon completion of the story there are 11 types of quizzes.  If you want all tap the apple that says all.  What is really makes this app special is the types of questions you can choose.  Questions range from Wh to Inferences, Cause and Effect and more.  When you take the quiz you can hide the text or for student who are learning how to answer comprehension questions keep the text.  Each question has a hint button. The hint highlights where the answer is.

Upon completion of the quiz you get a detailed score of the session. It tells you the date, number of questions answered and stories completed. Reading Comprehension Camp is a complete app for grades 1-7.  It is appropriate for students who need Response to Intervention or meet IEP goals and Common Core Standards.    It is easy to use and great for a classroom with only a few iPads.

IEP Goals: After listening to a story or passage selection, the student will verbally identify :number facts about the story, and recall :number relevant details about the setting, characters and events.
The student will verbally identify the sequential order of events in a story that is presented orally or independently read, and identify :number words or phrases in a given story that helped develop sequence