Bugs and Bubbles

Can you believe Bugs and Bubbles  by Little Bit Studio, LLC is $2.99 for 18 games. I did not know where to begin
Unknown-2in the festivities!  I began with counting and some classical music.  A little hand popped out to show me that I
needed to count the bubbles in the box. Each time I counted correctly I moved up another level.  The game was Which- I was presented with 3 colored bubbles with the word orange underneath and asked which one is orange? Next, I had to follow patterns.  As you continued through the patterns they became increasingly more difficult.  The power of patterns is that they allow us to predict what will come next and they allow us to solve problems that would be very tedious to solve otherwise.  Need to increase your visual spatial skills  go to the bubble field and play whack um.  This is just a taste of the games you get.

More important if you are are a child with special needs this app will help you with balance, colors, counting, letters, patterns, pincer, shapes, sorting, tracking critical thinking skills and more.

The app has won Mashable’s top 5 Kids Apps of 2012, Smart Apps for Kids and Children’s Technology Review.  If you are on a budget here is a perfect app to meet IEP Goals and Common Core Standards.  If you are not on a budget it will make a wonderful addition to you app library.

IEP Goals:  The student will read and write whole numbers up to :number

Common Core Standards: Know number names and count the sequences