ABA- Which Go Together

Kindergarten.com has been one of the forerunners in developing ABA apps for the iPhone and now for the iPad.   ABA Which goes together?


is exactly how it sounds.   This app can only be played in a vertical position.  Next, go to the blue information circle at the top left of the screen to set your settings.  First, select your reinforcement and then your Target selection, depending on the child you can do it by category or items the child likes. Next, there are quite a few settings to personalize the app  from showing the main question, blink the correct answer, shuffle pictures, show timer, chime sound, show question on the bottom to automatically flip page.

Now you are ready to go. The app presents the child with four everyday pictures and asks which go together?  You many see a recycling bin, a pine cone, a raccoon and plastic and glass bottles. When the picture is tapped the child hears the name of the picture.  If the pictures go together their is verbal reinforcement asking why do bottles and a recycle bin go together.   If you touch the green box with the letter A you get an answer.  If you get three answers correct you hear classical music and see your reinforcer.

The app helps children on the spectrum work on creative problem solving as well as discrimination and reasoning skills.  The white background is purposely created to reduce distraction.  The app has now added data tracking to the app.  It gives the total time it took for the student to work on the activity.  It also gives the total targets, correct answers, incorrect answers and unanswered.

This is an important skill for children to understand.  Now with tracking time and data it is a must have app.

IEP Goals:  Student will be able to discriminate with what items go together.