Unknown-5iSequences by Fundacion Planeta Imaginario for $1.99 can be used with children on the spectrum or with  developmental disabilities.  The app has 3 different activities with over 100 different scenarios.  When asked why sequencing is important?  It is the foundation to many skills students need to able to do as they move on in their curriculum.  It helps to put order into a child’s life understanding what comes first, seconds and so forth.  Sequencing is done in comprehension- Teachers prompt students to place the events of a story in order using terms such as “then,” “next,” and “finally.” We do it in writing using an introduction, a plot and a conclusion.  In math when placing numbers in sequential order it is necessary to show that numbers create patterns and have value. We even need to sequence in daily living skills such as following the steps to preparing for bed.
iSequences does a great job of teaching a variety of sequences.  As always go to your settings.  You have a few choices to make before you begin using the app. First, do you want your sequences sequential or random?  Do you want to show text and or play back audio.  Next, is the configuration mode.  Depending on the child do you want to put in the right order? What will happen next? or Emotions?  You can have all three or focus on one at a time.  Finally, choose level 1 or 2 and the sequences you think the child needs to work on from daily living skills to putting something together. Now you are ready to go.

I like the addition of the emotions as it helps the student validate how they should be feeling.  If they feel differently it is an opportunity for discussion. In some scenes students are asked what happens next?  This opens the door to abstract thought which may be difficult for some students but may be a goal that the teacher is working on.  This platform is not threatening and using pictures helps the student sort the answer out visually.

I would love to seeing data tracking based on the 3 different criteria as they are so important in the learning process.  It would help teachers have another vantage point on how to help their students be successful.  Right now this is a good app that will help teacher determine where there students may be struggling.  It can be used in a group format having an assistant keep track of  student responses.

IEP Goals:

 The student will sequence objects, pictures and letters by identifying first, middle and last.

The student will predict what will happen next in a sequence of events by verbally responding or arranging a sequence of pictures (e.g., “What will happen if I do this?”).