Kids Learning- Photo Touch Concepts

Unknown-4 Kids Learning-Photo Touch Concepts by Grasshopper Apps for $.99 is a must have app for students who have difficulty with spatial relations, time, opposities and animals.  First, go into your settings and choose the concepts the child needs to work on.  There are over 1000 concepts to choose from within the main categories.  If you want to display a hint turn that on in the settings. You can also customize your error and success sounds or have no sound for those children who are noise sensitive.

The app is appropriate for ages 4-8 depending on the child.  I use this app in my class working with students who have developmental disabilities as they have difficulty with opposites and spatial relations.  The pictures are real and the voice is a non- computerized voice making it a very user friendly app.  I would love to be able to track student data as this is a significant area of difficulty.  It would give me an understanding how my students are doing.  In the meantime either I check off the answers that the child gets wrong or an assistant helps.  One of the areas many of the student struggle with is which arrow is pointing right?  It does allow me to create a lesson on right vs. left when a concept is not mastered.  Students like to use this app when asked what app they want to use during a break.

IEP Goal: The student will identify and use :number readiness level vocabulary words related to position(e.g., next, middle, around).
The student will identify and use :number readiness level vocabulary words related to amount (e.g. more, less, few).