Faces IMake ABC

faces imageHave you everr heard of Hanoch Piven? He is the brilliant artist behind the app Faces iMake ABC by iMagine machine LLC for $1.99.  This app takes everyday objects like yarn, screws, gummy worms eggs, pears and bananas and create a dog with these items.  For every letter in the alphabet the child hears the letter  and the name of the animal they are going to build.  Next, he sees a shadow of the animal with a series of everyday objects at the bottom of the screen.

There on no settings on this app making it easy to just get the student involved in the activity.  Teachers can extend a lesson by having students identify the objects at the bottom of the page.  If they have completed the alphabet they can guess the beginning letter of the objects. For example in the picture of the dog there were  eggs. Could the students come up with other words that begin with the letter e.  Projects can be evolve  in groups having students make their own object animals.  Now you have taken a simple app and extended the possibilities.

Faces iMake ABC will help students develop spatial relations, letter naming. letter shape recognition and letter name knowledge.   The results of a recent study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that benchmarks, or goals, of 18 uppercase and 15 lowercase letter names (i.e., the number of letters a child ought to know) were optimal for preschool-aged children. These letter-naming benchmarks were associated with successful literacy outcomes for those same children when they reached the first grade. (Neuronet).

Faces iMake ABC is a creative way to encourage understanding the alphabet using auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles.

This app meets the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten -Print many upper-letters.

IEP Goals:  The student will recognize the letters of the alphabet by reciting and naming each letter