Toca Boca Store

toca boca store

Are you looking to increase socialization, take turns, exchange money and learn what it means to make a purchase than try Toca Boca Store  by Toca Boca AB $2.99.  This app helps children explore daily living skills and primary money skills.

First the student chooses what they want to sell in their store.  This is an opportunity to decide if the store will be a toy store, a supermarket, or another theme based on the items on the menu  presented at the beginning of the app.  Next, one student is the shopkeeper and the other is the purchaser.  The goal is to purchase items using the given coins and making sure the child stays within budget using “pennies”.  Money should be introduced in first and second grade based upon the Common Core Standards.  Working with developmentally disabled students this app has been a great app to increase student understanding of money exchange and budgeting.

When two students play a game social interaction happens. Toca Boca Store encourages children to discuss what items they want to purchase and how much money they have to purchase an item.  The shopkeeper’s role is to encourage the purchaser to buy the items in their store.  While students’ are role playing other students can watch while the teacher tapes the the scene.  In my class students go out to the supermarket to food shop.  Toca Store is a good activity to use prior to going out to practice asking how much something is and paying at the cash register.  Using apps that offer real life scenarios help students before going out to real world experiences.

This is not a data tracking app but you can develop your own checklist to help students understand what needs to be done when going out into public situations.  In addition Toca Store is fun and allows kids to enjoy an experience that will one day will be a real-life experience.

IEP Goal:   The student will make a correct payment for food or snack in the school cafeteria (change school cafeteria to supermarket)