Hands- On- Math Interactive Hundreds Chart


Every September I diligently make sure to copy my 100’s chart for my students.  In addition I always have extras in case they get lost or  mangled.  Now this is one task I no longer need to do because of  Hands -On-Math Interactive Hundreds Chart by Ventura Education Systems for $1.99.  Depending who you are teaching it can do a multitude of activities.  First and foremost in the settings you can set the speech sound on for those students learning how to count.  You can also set your chart to start at 0 or 1 and add speech effects.  The app comes with a great user’s guide to give you creative ways to to teach vertical and diagonal lines, odd and even numbers, counting by 2’s 5’s,etc and an introduction to to operations and functions.

The real fun begins when teaching different number concepts or patterns.  You are supplied with eight colors, and diferent icons to tick off the numbers; a square, a check, a circle or a check mark.
In my class many students use this as a number line manipulative using the colors to help them add and subtract.  Since many of the students I am working with are still learning to count by 5’s the chart is an excellent visual allowing them to color in with color of their choice.  In the past using paper charts students would lose their place because of different visual disabilities now they can stay on task.

This is a great tool to help save paper, meet Common Core Standards and IEP goals.  Students find it easy to use and now like to to be challenged with practicing first with the voice on and then the voice off to help create independence.

Common Core Standards:
K- Count to 100 by ones and by tens
Grade 1 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones.

IEP Goals: Count to 10 independently
Count by 5’s to 100