Popplet Lite

Have you ever used a graphic organizer?  If you are a student who benefits from organizing your thoughts using pictures and words,  Popplet Lite FREE or full version Popplet  $4.99 may be the perfect tool for your student or child.  The free version only allows one Popplet whereas the full version allows as many as you want.  In addition you can sign up for Popplet online and store your Popplets on your computer.

So what is a Popplet?  It is a graphic organizer that is great for elementary school and middle school students to get their thoughts together in one space.  Using these these Popplets a student can take a take topic from any subject they are studying and add various branches to help visualize  material.

poppletMaking a Popplet is quite easy.  First you take make a new Popplet. Next choose a color background from the color box. Now you are ready to begin mapping.  Tap the main Popplet box where you will have four choices a rectangle to change the color of the the main box, T for text, a pencil to draw something and a photo box to add a picture. Finally to add a link tap the gray circles and you can add additional boxes to link your ideas.

Next time you need to study for an exam put the central idea in the center. Next add the ideas, people, years,

plots, etc to the other links and now you have a perfect study guide that is visual with pictures and words.  It is easy to use and perfect for studying, brainstorming,  and exploring ideas.

If  you are unsure try to the lite version.   After working with students, parents have found this to be a great tool because it is easy to use and has made studying less of a struggle and more creative.  Definitely a great app for your library.