Injini Child Development Game


Injini Child Development Game  by NC Soft, $29.99 is a 12 in one app encouraging independent play yet educational specifically designed for children with Autism,  cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities.  There is a free lite version Injini: Child Development Game Suite Lite  introducing 8 games and 3 levels for children to try.

The full version can keep a child busy for hours as each game is not only entertaining but challenging and beautifully displayed.   Each game is specifically geared to a different area of fine motor delays, cognitive learning,  spatial awareness, crossing the midline, memory and visual processing and understanding cause and effect.

When the child begins you have an option in your settings  to have 4 or 12 games in your layout, a male or female voice, a pause button, a 3-2-1 button and sight words in upper or lowercase.

The games include the following: Note each game has an option for a tutorial before playing.
Puzzles:  choose from 1-9 pieces upon completion of the puzzle you are presented with the name of the puzzle- SUBMARINE
Patterns: Again you have up to 9 different patterns to follow
Frog: The goal is to draw a line from the frogs mouth to the butterfly- great visual discrimination and fine motor.
Letters: Using puzzle pieces the child needs to build the letter- then they are presented with the sound and a picture with the letter.
Farm: Introduction to farm animals- you are given a task to do with each animal such as shear the sheep
Find it: There are nine levels where you are asked to find an item and give it to the character
Matching: Choose the number of matching cards you want the child to find increase memory
Tracing: Tracing different letters of the alphabet
Balloons: Choose the number and tap the color you are told to tap
Squares: Is like the game Simon- great for increasing visual memory
Lunchbox: You are shown the number of items you chose. You see the items then the box is closed and you need to remember what was in the lunch box- again visual memory and working memory
Who am I?  Remembering the picturing of the animal you saw hiding using speed and accuracy

Many people say this app is expensive- where else do you find all of these quality activities in one app?  It also is one app that meets so many needs it is truly a gem!

IEP Goals: The student will correctly print :number of the 26 printed upper case letters of the alphabet.
The student will complete a simple :number piece form board puzzle independently within :duration