Photo Touch- Telling Time

I put this app under the Autism section because of its flexibility to limit the number of clocks and it has the least amount of distractions.  Photo Touch- Telling Time  is one of many apps by Grasshopper apps.  It is only $.99 and offers a lot of flexibiliphoto touch telling timety.  As in all apps you should always go to your settings first to make sure the app is set up for your child or student.   In this app you  can have a minimum of 3 clocks at time and 10 items is your maximum.  If your child is sensitive to noise you can edit sounds or delete them.  If your child is soothed by hearing your voice there is the option to edit your voice in custom sounds.  Simply press the + sign and add whatever sounds you think your child will like.

Next, there is a library of analog times from a full hour, half hour, quarter past and quarter to. If your child masters this you can turn on minutes in increments of 5 minutes.   There is a debate if children really need to know analog clocks anymore.  In many mainstream places such as schools we still use an analog clock.  It is a great way to help students count by 5’s not only in time but with money and in cooking.  The goal is to encourage daily life skills and telling time is one we need to know not just in school but in almost every aspect of our lives.

In my class many of my students like this app because it is not overwhelming.  We start with 3 clocks and gradually move up to 5-6 clocks.  The students like when I add a edited comment because it feels more persona.

Telling time is a Common Core Standard in Math for first and second grader.

IEP Goal:  Student will tell time to the hour.
Student will tell time to the half-hour

I would recommend this to parents and teachers who are following school curriculum and looking for ways to teach core subject in a clear and succinct manner.