Picture the Sentence HD

Does your child or students struggle with auditory processing?  Can they differentiate between pronouns or need helps with writing sentences that contain subjects, verbs, and prepositional phrases or other types of sentences?  Hamaguchiapps has developed Picture the Sentence HD for $9.99 or the lite version for $.99 to help students with Language Processing and Early Visual Learning with their app.


FIrst, set up the setting for the child you  are working with. What difficulty level do you think is best?  Next, what would be a good wait time, one to 40 seconds again depending on the needs of your child.  Does the child need visual cues?  The app has color drawings or stick figures.  Do you want to work on pronouns, if so which ones and finally what type of sentence do you want to work with?  Depending on who is working with the child you can track the progress of one of more students.

Once your settings are ready you are ready to have the student listen to the first sentence. First you are given pictures and a sentence like “she is falling off the bed”.  The student is given five pictures to summarize what the sentence just said.  The child drags the picture to a picture frame.  If you are correct the sentence is repeated.  If you are wrong it silently puts the picture back in the row.

This app not only increases Language Processing and Early Visual Learning, but increase listening skills and decision making.  Students are also learning that a sentence has a subject and  verb.  More sophisticated sentences have objects and prepositional phrases.

IEP Goal: When given written material, the student will identify the prepositions and prepositional phrases