Are you looking for a FREE Unknown-1 AAC app for your iPhone  or iPad that can create boards with up to 9 message locations? SoundingBoard by AbleNet is Free, easy to use and allows basic data collection.  Depending on your child or student you can add the pictures you need using your iPhone or iPad and record with your own voice.

The app is built in with AbleNet’s hundred’s of symbols.  It also comes with fourteen preloaded boards that you can edit in the settings. Simply go to settings turn off edit lock, tap the EDIT button in the upper right corner. Choose a pre-loaded category or make a new board, change your layout, pictures and or your messages.  It sounds like it might be complicating but it takes just a few minutes to make edits.

If you have a child with a developmental disability I would download this app just for the Emergency and money boards.  We have had many situations in my class where students freeze when there is a new bus driver and they can not remember their address or phone number.  The money is just a reinforcer of the basic coins this can always be there to help students choose coins when making a purchase with an assistant.   The other board that is good for many students is the Emergency board to call 911, or asking for help.

This is one of those must have apps for any child with a disability should have on a mobile device if they have one.  As a teacher these are topics I cover all the time as we have had situations where students have forgotten their address or phone number.

Finally, there is an option to purchase additional boards from fast food, general conversation, mealtime separated by female and male boards. The in-app purchases are $.99.