Reading Comprehension Non-Fiction for Kindergarten and First Grade

Comprehension is a skill that many students struggle with. It may be because of a Learning Disability or other type of disability.  Many of  these students lack the ability to process information that is written and need strategies to help them understand how to decipher both narrative and expository text.

AbitalkReading Comprehension Non-Fiction for Kindergarten and First Grade by AbiTalk- Emmy Chen- Free and full version is $2.99 uses Science topics that are a few sentences long with a picture.  Students can either practice or take a test to collect data for teacher records.  The student has anywhere from 8-10 multiple choice questions to answer. The test collects the students’ data and can be mailed to the parents.  If the student is not a reader they can press each word and have the sentences read to them which works well for students who are auditory learners.

As students are reading the stories the teacher can stop after each line and ask what was the main idea of the sentence.  Using a Smart Board the teacher can set up a graphic organizer helping the student to organize their thoughts.  After the facts are read the teacher can reinforce  each of the facts before having the students take a practice quiz.  If the child is still struggling they can draw a picture of the theme to help reinforce the facts.

The free version gives you 4 stories to read and test your students with.  If you feel this is a good tool to help your students with Non-Fiction and answering multiple choice questions for $2.99 you will get a total of 20 stories all about Science.  This is a nice basic app that meets the Common Core Standards on Non-Fiction Reading Standards.  If you are working with students who are on a Kindergarten-First grade level this app is a good  introduction to how to answer  comprehension questions.

IEP Goal: The student will answer :number comprehension questions from factual materials (e.g.,newspapers, maps, brochures) and content area textbooks (e.g., social studies, science) that demonstrate understanding of what has been read


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