Speech Flipbook

Here is a clever app that uses the old fashion flipbook style to pack in a punch of speech concepts. Speech Flipbook by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.. $4.99 addresses 1-2-3 practice speech, phonics, and reading.  It is perfect for the student who has Apraxia, articulation disorders, dysarthia and phonological awareness.

The book is set up with 5 tabs: Home, Initial Sounds, Initial Clusters, Vowels, Final Sounds and Final Clusters. Depending on your student check off the


sounds you need to create single syllable words. Next you can flip between any of the sounds to target parts of a sylable.

Keeping your IEP goals in mind you can target most of your speech goals. from identifying CVC words , phonics, rhyming and articulation.  You select your from 22 sounds and 29 initial clusters, 24 vowel sounds including dipthongs & r-controlled vowels and one of the more difficult final sounds and clusters. Many speech apps are stagnant and repetitive Speech Flipbook gets the job done meeting the student’s goals in a creative and while keeping the child engaged.

Working with Developmentally Disabled students this is a must have app as so many of my students drop final letter sounds and have difficulty with articulating sounds like th.  I can now select the letter sounds and just have words.  The students love flipping the middle letter to create a new word or sound and then recording themselves.

The app is beautifully designed with enough settings to personalize the app for the individual student. The app allows the student to be interactive  and keep them fully engaged because of the flipbook design.  It is not an app just for children.  It can be used for all ages as well as adults who have had a stroke or other brain injury.

IEP Goal:  The student will produce :number target sounds in isolation, syllables, all position of words, and blends during the therapy session.