Qubible Kids

UnknownWe talk about increasing memory and connecting ideas when teaching students. Quibble by Chess Pie Media, $1.99 is different than most memory games we play.  Usually we turn the cards down and try to find a matching pair. Quibble is about finding a matching theme using photographs or purchasing in app purchases  for $.99 using word match, math or math junior.

The purpose to Quibble Kids is to try to understand why a group of pictures would go together learning how to  make connections between what they see and what they know.  One of the most difficult concepts to teach students is how to inference?  It is easy to memorize an answer to a question but how did we get to the answer?  What is similar in a photo or what is said? Teaching students to think like this takes a lot of creativity.

Quibble Kids has over 50 puzzles with over 200 photos.  Students must put 4 pictures together in a theme.  If they are struggling there is a hint button to help you figure out the them.  Solving puzzles increase problem solving, language skills and critical thinking skills. Quibble for kids is not only educational but fun. It can be used to increase social interaction when played with a group of children.