Whoever thought you could have your own personal whiteboard record a question or lesson and send it to a teacher or a student. ScreenChomp by TechSmith Corporation, FREE- is easy to use and simply gets the job done!  There are many whiteboard apps in the app store.  If you are working with the special needs community ease of use is most important when choosing apps.

As a teacher I use it to send home an explanation to a student who may be struggling with a concept we learned that day. I simply draw my idea and record what I am doing so the student can follow along.  Students can email me back with further questions or with their own example.

Here is ScreenChomp  demonstrating a recording of a one step addition problem .  Using simple colors and talking my way through the example I hope I was able to explain addition using visual images and numbers.  As you can see tUnknown-1he app interface consists of a big drawing board and two toolbars at the bottom and top of the screen. The basic method of producing a screencast is simple. You can record everything you do on the drawing board. The app will also record all the sounds that the iPad’s microphone can pick up. It means that you can add narration to your screencast. When working with whiteboard apps the easier the better especially when explaining information.  As long as you have different colors, a highlighter and the ability  to narrate you are ready to go.

You will find this app can be used in many situations from lesson planning to erase boards.  It also allows students to explain how they got an answer helping the teacher understand where the child may be having difficulty.

This app is a thumbs up!