Splingo’ Language Universe

Splingo’s language universe by the Speech and Language Store LLP. $2.99 has four levels to help children learn listening and language skills .  The levels are designed developmentally using one direction at a time..  Level one contains 1 main word such as which or find  The child will be presented with two pairs of gloves and asked “which pair of gloves are little ones?” or  find a specific item on the tablet.  Level one is designed for 18 months and older depending on the needs of the child.  Level 2 increases to two directions where students are presented with 4 items and needs to choose the “big” box amongst 4 images. Level 2 is developmentally for children between 2-3 years old, Level 3 is for 3-4 years old and Level 4 is for 4 and up.  Of course as you proceed the directions become more involveUnknownd and students need to increase their listening skills and ability to follow directions.

Splingo allows you to customize the app to meet the needs of the student.  You have the ability to increase the number of the nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives when displaying sentences on a specific level.  Adding the extra words is helpful for students who may have difficulty with single word directions.

After a child completes a few directions they are given a rocket to help build staying with the alien theme. The puzzle helps to increase the student’s visual discrimination and encourages the student to want to finish the puzzle.
If you are a special education teacher you may find this app is appropriate for students who are on the spectrum and Developmentally Disabled.  Understanding prepositions is difficult for many children.  Splingo gives students an opportunity to learn how to process them on four different levels.  Examples are put the blue ball under the small bed.  The app has a simple data tracking system that indicates how the child is proceeding on each level.

IEP Goal:  The student will comprehend and use prepositions