Kid in Story

Fo those of you who have wondered where the Project Injini team went they have now reunited under a new start-up called Loco Motive Labs.  I was thrilled to hear this as I am a huge fan of their previous apps Write My Name and Injini.  The company is a NewSchools Venture Seed Fund company.kid in story

Kid in Story by Locomotive Labs is $6.99.  Kid in story is a new way to look at social stories.  These stories give you the feeling that they are actual story books on a book shelf about a child.  You as the teacher or caregiver add the child and background  from your camera roll.  After you add the picture you add text and narration and now you have your own storybook that is actually a social story to help your child.  The app includes 8 templates for you to add your story to.  The templates includes include the Faces I Make showing various facial emotions, Let’s get a haircut one for a boy and one for a girl, Are there Monsters in my Room and more.  What makes Kid in Story Different is choosing “real” backgrounds and putting your child in the story making it feel realistic.

We have found social stories have been very helpful with children on the spectrum and a variety of other special needs.  Now we have a child’s favorite activity a book that is narrated either by the child or caretaker with pictures of themselvses.  In a addition to a social story you are also creating an opportunity for children to increase their reading skills in a manner that is encouraging and hopefully will address the skills needed for the child to be successful!