If you have been using your iPad for class lessons one of the most creative is digital storytelling.  There are lots of them but if you are looking for a simple user friendly one Storyrobe by Storyrobe, Inc. for $.99 is one of my favorites.  It can also be used on your iPhone which can be a fun activity when traveling.  SInce its inception the format has changed radically looking more like iMovie..


This is extremely simple to uses and a great way to have students capture either a project they are working on in a group or have students use was individual presentations.  Simply have students put the pictures they need in their camera roll.  For example if they are doing an biography they may want to have a picture of the person, why they are famous, and why the class is studying him or her.

Next , the student drops the picture in the photo box makes a remark and continues until they are done.  If they are working in a group each person can add pictures to the story increasing group work and socialization.

As we all know a picture tells 1000 words.  Now students can add their pictures and “1000” words creatively.  My students like this app to tell stories because they love photos and find they can express themselves better using narration than writing. Students can then present their work using the Smart Board and iPad like a movie director.

IEP Goal: The student will explain :number illustrations in a story.