Futuba Classroom Games for Kids

Futuba Classroom Games for Kids by INkids- $5.99 is one of the first apps that creates a board game feel to an app. If you are looking to increase social skills while incorporating Common Core Standards and IEP goals you have met your match.  First go into settings and set your game time and decide if you want the background music.   Next choose a “set” you want to play.  THe app already has sets built in for Preschool through grade 6.  Next set your level and subject.   If you are working on something specific in class make your own set based on what your class is studying.


If you are teaching special needs and want to work on sight word vocabulary choose the option for the grade you want to work with.   Students join the game and the fun begins.  In the middle of the circle the students are presented with a sight word if that is your chosen category.  Each team member is presented with 4 choices and the quickest one to answer receives the points.

Students also have the option to practice the game at home and work on skills to increase areas of difficulty in a “fun” yet educationally manner.

I use this app to encourage socialization.  I have a few iPads going at the same time based upon different levels allowing students to  play with need to strengthen similar skills.  The class loves the interactive play board.  Upon completion of the game students share the different topics they worked on and one new concept they learned.  Futuba is a great way to have fun while encouraging creative ways to reach the Common Core Standards and IEP Goals.

IEP Goal: Student will be able to subtract single digit numbers.