Avaz 2.0

As we approach the third year of the iPad and Autism Awareness Month we have seen endless apps in every category you can think of from education to “Words with Friends”.   Since my area has been education I can proudly say I have reviewed close to 800 apps and can tell you which apps are really worth the purchase.

Avaz 2.0 was just released yesterday!   It is 20% discounted for the next two weeks- $79.99- a true bargain for an AAC app that has features that no other AAC app have!  Avaz is an app that offers options to children and adults who are non- verbal.  You can choose the pictures or text  option depending on the level of the person you are working with.  The picture folders are neatly set up on your iPad in a way that is not overwhelming. It allows the user to choose what folders  are important for the child using the app.


You have the option  to add your own photos but the Avaz library is filled with almost any word or statement you can think of.  If you need something special you simply add it to the library .  For students who are visually impaired as they touch a picture it enlarges automatically making it easy for the child to see and manipulate.

The keyboard feature offers you the choice of an ABC or QWERTY depending again on the
child. Students transferring from picture to keyboard can still have an option for pictures during the transition.

The app is extremely user friendly allowing you to adjust the settings exactly to the way you need to app to work for you student/child.  Settings include everything from size of picture, captions size, color coding for visual discrimination, choice of voice, speak as you type, predict pictures, and more.

On the picture board there are two options that really make this app stand out.  First there is a Quick button.  It is preloaded with a host of words and statements such as “it is an emergency” or “please”.  The other nice feature is the mistake button allowing students to self correct themselves.

As I have stated in my other blogs the key features is the ability to track sessions allowing you to work with the child and not worry about the tracking until the lesson is over.

Avaz offers a great set of tutorial information as you need to learn something new.  They use videos that are teacher and parent friendly making this app a great choice for those looking for a versatile AAC app that will grow with their child.