Sky wifi Smartpen by Livescribe

Do you wish you had a notebook that let you take take notes and then sync to your Evernote accounts?  Well look no further Livescribe has now introduced the  Sky wifi pen.  The pen comes in 3 different capacities – 2gb, 4gb and 8gb.

This is a great asset to the student who may have ADHD and miss a word in a lecture.  If you have Dyslexia you know how you may struggle getting your words down especially when writing in past and present tense.  Now you can write what you hear and record the lesson. If you want to insert a drawing or a graph that will also transfer to your Evernote.  livescribe

So why this notebook over other notebooks?  You can write, record and sync with Evernote.  More important if you “lose” your notebook your notes are saved on Everrnote. Your purchase comes with one smart pen which first appears cumbersome but after using it is actually very comfortable and easy to use.  You also get your special “dot” paper to take your notes.  If you want you have the option to print your own dot paper saving money on notebooks.  If you prefer Livescribe’s  Dot paper you can purchase additional notebooks through their website For students who benefit from organizational skills Livescribe has a single subject color coded set of 4 notebooks each containing 100 sheets of paper for $24.95.

AssistiveTechnology comes in many forms, depending upon the student and disability, the choices are endless.  If you can have an Assistive Technology Referral that is recommended by your IEP case study team this might be an item you want them to look at for your child.  This is something you are entitled to when you are trying to evaluate what will be best for your child.  Don’t be shy when advocating for you child.  Getting your child the best tools available to succeed is crucial for all students.