Endless ABC’s

Are you looking for a creative way to teach the alphabet with phonics and increased vocabulary?  Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. FREE  pulls the child in immediately because of the creativity involved in learning. Choose your letter and a word appears.  After the word appears the letters are dispersed throughout the iPad with a shadow of the word still there for reinforcement.  The child drags and drops the letter into the correct letter space.  As the letter is moving it creates an interactive cartoon that can make anyone giggle. In addition as you drag the letters the phonetic sound is also made to reinforce how to pronounce the letter. After you complete the word you are treated to an interactive “show” and then a definition of the word.

endless alphabet

This game is a non-stressful introduction to letters so children can enjoy the action watching the letters as they dance and learn phonics at the same time.  I would like to see more words for each of the letters to expand the child’s vocabulary.  It is a nice beginning and it is amusing way for youngsters to learn the alphabet.

As a special education teacher this has been a hit in my classroom as it increases the student’s ability to understand the alphabet and hear how the letters sound.  We are always looking to expand vocabulary that is understandable and with the animated pictures this app allows children to open their eyes to new words in a creative way.

As a Free app it is definitely worth loading just to hear your child giggle with the animated letters.   You get the bonus of entertaining and educational built into one app.