Autism Apps Free/ Reduced for Autism Awareness!

Sequences for Autism- by Club LIA – FREE  This is a basic sequencing app for children.  The child is presented with an everyday See touch Learnscene from self-help skills, home activities and school activities.  The goal is for the child to place the correct scene sequentially .  If the child needs to have the story piece read he touches the piece and it enlarges to fill the size of the iPad and the sentence is read to the child. You have the ability to create your own sequences.  I would recommend this app for elementary age children who are beginning daily routines.

See Touch Learn by Brain Parade  Free – This is a custom flash card system that allows you to use the cards given or build your own flashcards based on the needs of the child.  You can use one to as many pictures as you need to create topics that will be designed to enhance your child’s skills

My Autism Day by My Little App Helpers- Free- This will be free for one week.  This app is for the parent, caretaker, or teacher who want to track their child’s day.  For each child you put in a goal and a date with notes.  Next enter the activities to achieve the goal you want to achieve. You can enter the activities you will use and the caretakers involved.  As time goes on you can chart the behaviors and analyze the progress. This is a great way to track your child or student with specific goals based on parent needs and IEP goals.

Abacus in Augmented Reality by@Reks Free Here is the virtual abacus that helps children review basic number systems. Introducing adding take away and other basic math facts using a visual and kinesthetic approach.

IEP Goal:  Student will be able to sequence 3-5 cards in correct order.