Park Math HD

park math

Sometimes I go back to my favorite apps because they have been the best for the children I work with.  Park Math HD  by Duck Duck Moose, $1.99.  This app was originally made for the iPhone or the iTouch but just tap the 2x at the bottom right and you now have the enlarged app for you iPad.  The uses a blue bear strolling through the park trying different math activities.  He practices counting while watching a rabbit swing back and forth.  Next, he sees ducks on top of a slide He is presented with a verbal word problem that can be read and then is presented with 3 choices to find out the correct answer.   This is the beginning of teaching multiple choice and word problems which crosses curriculum for children who need multi-sensory learning. After addition the child learns about balance using mice.  Again visuals are used to help students see if there are 2 mice on one side of the seesaw there needs to be 2 on the other.   The app continues with subtraction, small to large, patterns and feeding a certain number of food to a hippo increasing the ability to count.

This app is perfect for student who needs the visual and auditory differentiation to begin the process of counting, addition, subtraction, balance, patterns and sorting larger to smaller.  It meets the needs of the the early stages of the Common Core Standards for K- 1st grade.  More important it meets many of the IEP goals for students who need creative ways to learn basic math skills rather than placing numbers in front of the child he/ she can visually see what is being communicated.  Working with Developmentally Disabled high school students this app is a class favorite as they can relate the numbers to the examples given.