VisTimer Free

Here is a free timer that gives you 5:00 minutes.  It is specifically geared for the children on the spectrum  because you just need to explain when the circle is complete the time is up. VistimerFree by Mindfultools allows you to change the sound when the time is up, You can change the size of the display, receive an early warning sound and a finished sound.   It is different from the timers we use with games as this is a calming timer when students or children need to have some time to soothe themselves. My students enjoy looking at the giant pie when they ask how long until the end of a class, I just say ” look at the pie”. This is especially true on days we have different schedules because of snow days or administrative days.


It is also nice when you can get an app for free as so many schools have restricted spending on apps.  Teachers are always looking for apps to accomplish tasks such as this but, can not pay a lot of money.  If you feel you need the paid version it is only $1.99.  It gives you more time and no advertisements which can be rather distracting to students.  Whatever your choice this is a nice app to have in you bank of apps.