Is that Silly?

is that silly

What does silly mean?  For many children with Autism the abstract term needs to be taught with apps such as Is that Silly? by Smarty Ears for $9.99. With this app children take turns, increase their attention to detail and develop their language skills.  First, set your settings from  sounds you want to a daily report card.  Once again here is an app that gives you data collection for you to  see how your child or student is progressing.

Now, let’s get ready to play!   There are over 120 pictures for students to look at and determine if they are silly or not.  If students are playing in a group you can use a timer.  If the child is alone a therapist can work with the child’s language skills both expressive and pragmatic, which are both important for daily living skills.

An example of silly may  be “People sit on animals in the office”- silly or not?  If you want to see the words you can add them in the settings.  To enhance expressive language student’s are asked “Do you know what is silly about this picture?”  A picture that is not silly is ” He pays for groceries with a credit card”.  If a child is struggling with a concept there is the ability to skip over the picture rather that frustrating the student.

I would like to see a bit more interaction in the pictures to increase either laugher when something is silly.  If it is not silly it would be nice for the student to record why it is not silly to have the student hear themselves when they express their ideas.  Otherwise, it meets the difficult criteria of working with the abstract concept while increasing visual and auditory discrimination, increasing expressive language by answering “wh” questions and increasing receptive language.

IEP Goal:  Student will be able to answer _ of “wh” questions.