Jungle Coins

Do you know a child or have a student who is struggling with the topic of money? Every time you show them a quarter they say it is a nickel.  Does your student become confused when counting money, especially when going from a nickel to a dime?  Can your student compare which coin is greater? Finally, when reading a word problem can your student give back the right change?  Welcome to Jungle Coins, by Andrew Short for $2.99.  This is a quality money app for children working with change.   First, it allows you to set up users so you can track the data of the student or child.  Next when you are done with a lesson you get the number correct and incorrect  answers with the percentages which is great for IEP documentation.

Those class rooms that only have a few iPad can set the class up in 6 groups as there are 6 levels of ability for each area- find, count, compare and correct change.  In the settings you can turn the sounds off for students who are sound sensitive or when working in large groups.  The one sound the kids like are flipping the coin.  The coins look identical to “real” coins, though the nickel will need to be updated soon.


Money is one of the most difficult concepts to teach children because it is abstract.  Jungle coins gives you a variety of ways to use the money helping students grow with the app and hopefully decipher between the different coins.  The app also allows children to move up within the different levels giving them a sense of achievement.

In my class after we finish a level we use “real” coins and students are able to buy items in the school store to reinforce their money skills.

IEP Goal: The student will identify :number common coins