Fun With Directions

Do you have any students who have difficulty following directions either verbal or written? Fun With Directions by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory $15.99, the lite version is $.99.  If you are unsure try the lite version but I am sure you will love all of the features of this app.  My favorite feature is the ability to track the progress of my students.  Parents can also track their child to see how well they progress.  The app is quite easy to set- up using bright colors and keeping it simple. First set up your users and watch the Demo to familiarize yourself with the app.  Next decide what level your student is ready for- Easy- Intermediate or Difficult. If the student can read you may want to give them a cue with the text on or if they need a voice cue put on the voice command.   The next feature are the concepts.  You can have all of them or focus on specific ones that the students is struggling with such as give, middle, top etc.  You can then choose the order of the concept. Then you are ready to play.  At the end of the session you can see how the student did with number and percentage which is perfect for entering in your IEP.  fun with directions

Activities include put the blue bear into the middle box.  Students need to identify color and middle. Or close the gate.  Once students have completed a few directions there are Superstar directions where they follow a direction and then repeat the direction into a microphone hearing themselves repeat a direction using their words which increases their listening skills.  Fun with Directions is a great way for kids to feel successful while being challenged.  It enhances listening skills  and now with the addition of repeating directions it helps their ability to give oral directions.

IEP Goal : The student will follow a series of :number oral directions.