Write My Name

Write My Name by Injini, $3.99 is the only handwriting app that helps children learn to write their name! It is such a wonderful feat when a child is finally able to write their name. The app is set up for you to edit name cards, you simply hit the add button say the child’s name so it is said correctly, type the child’s name and image.  It is so nice for the child to see their name spelled correctly and said the way it is suppose to be said. The app also includes both lower and upper case letters and over 100 sight words for children to practice. The word board starts off  black and  white pictures until the child traces the word and then a beautiful color picture appears.  The goal is for the student to complete all the pictures and turn them into color.  If the child gets the words correct in lower case and upper case they get a stamp on the word

write my nameThe app makes writing fun as well as a challenge.  Most important is for kids to write their name.  Finally with this app they no longer need to write over dotted lines and rip the paper. Using the iPad and Write My Name and a “stylus” their finger glides

IEP Goal: Student will be able to write their name independently.