Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards by MasteryConnect- Free breaks down the Common Core Standards for the ELA- English Language Arts and Math- Integrated and Traditional teachers, administrators and parents to understand. Presently 45 states have adopted these standards for “ALL” children grades K-12.  The app is thorough and clearly broken down by grade and content.

As a Special Education teacher I am concerned about those children who are not on grade level because of Developmental Disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Neurological Disorders, a variety of syndromes including Williams, Prader Willi, Aphasia, Apraxia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Angelman Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Seizure Disorders, and other disorders that will have students in separate classes or included but can not keep uo with the class work.  How are we modifying the Common Core Standards?  Presently, nothing is written and the Standards are due to go in effect in 2014.  If you have answers please comment.  In the meantime for free look at the Common Core Standards so you understand what is coming down the pipeline.

Unknown-1In New YorK we have the Alternate Assessment.  I would like to see that be more about the student’s work rather that how the teachers grade the portfolio so it is a true portfolio of the student’s work that can correlate with the Common Core Standards.  This has been an ongoing issue with teachers since its’ inception.  I want to show what my students can do and not worry about putting stickers on their work and making sure the dates are correct.  I know there needs to be a balance, but the Alternate Assessment is suppose to be about the child. If you are a teacher or parent of a special needs student use your voice and speak up.  Ask about the Alternate Assessment as it counts in the school records.