Sharing Timer


As promised here is a taking turns app, called Sharing Timer by Handhold  Adaptive, LLC for $.99.  This is for 4 players and very easy to use. Now the students in class or at home will know when it is their turn.  First, put in the child’s name.  Let the child pick the color making them feel like a participant.  This is a good way to reinforce colors for those students who are still struggling. If you have the student’s photos you can add them to the color with the child’s name.  Next, set the timer.  Depending upon the game it can be as little as 15 seconds or up to 5:00 minutes. The timer explores digital time with students.  If the teacher wants to introduce the difference between minutes and seconds the timer is a good opportunity. Again this can be changed depending on the game and amount of children playing.  Another nice feature is the name of the activity.  The app is preloaded with over 30 activities from stacking cups to legos.  If you want to personalize the activity choose Activity and change the name of the activity you  want to play.  Depending on your group there are sounds to let you know when it is the next person’s turn.  Be careful when choosing your sound as some of the sounds are loud and can agitate the child . It would be nice to see more choices as right now there are only four.

As we move along with the apps I review I will add IEP goals(Individual Education Goals) and the Common Core Standards to help parents understand what they are.  It will also give teachers ideas on how to incorporate them with their students.

IEP Goal: The student will actively participate in class group activities (e.g., sharing, working on group)