Build and Play- Construction Play Scene

All kids love memory games!  Nothing is nicer when there is a theme especially a theme that is not really used very often. Build and Play-Construction Play Scene Free version and review of the $1.99 version, by We are Interfaces AB.   Why does this make app appeal to the autistic community? It has the ability to change the number of  matches from 4-6-16.  The theme is the same all kinds of bulldozers, and interactivity that is not too overwhelming.  Memory games such as this assist in planning skills and problem solving which encourage the child‘s cognitive skills.  Many children with autism have sensory processing difficulty. Build and Play has an option to listen to music while playing the game to help increase the child’s sensory processing difficulty.  You can start of slowly with 4 cards and increase as time goes on.  Finally, if you are a teacher this is a great app to increase social skills by taking turns.  I will add a taking turns app to help students ease into this concept.

Build and Play

Bottom line this game is fun and increases the transportation vocabulary!  It can start off slow and increase as the child is ready to. Definitely hands up if you are hesitant get the free version to try it out.  If you have a “typical” child and a child with needs this is a fun way for them to interact.  This alway an ongoing question parents asks how can I get my children to interact?  Here is one game that all ages enjoy and play with their siblings.

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