Wonkidos- Ordering at a Restaurant 1,2,3

If you are a child with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome you need steps to remember how to act out using appropriate behaviors. The app is like a social story that is written for you and now you have to choose the correct answer.  Wonkidos has a host of videos for various behaviors and a host of of situations that will help children who need help start to get started.  Ordering at a Restaurant 1,2,3 gives you a choice of watching a video first and then interacting with multiplechoice questions.  After the questions you can go out with a small group and practice the idea.  Eventually, two students can go out and hopefully it will be a success



With a lot to practice and training, students can  learn appropriate behavior.   Students can do video modeling  as a way to learn  how to use correct  language, how to budget their money, and  finally try to instill that the kids do not get involved in substance abuse either using or selling.  Many of the students are naive because of their  upbringing and or one teaches them right from wrong.

With this all being said schools can not be afraid of a sex curriculum that explains what happens when you think a man loves you and the consequences to drugs and alcohol that you take that is not yours.  In my class many of my students are on a very low level. The fear is someone taking advantage of them is great.  The higher level kids know all about “gangs” and drugs. We constantly discuss the consequences but they don’t seem real.  We teach  two different level classes to explain what happens when you are influenced with sex and drugs, but that is the best we can do.