Face Up Matching

With Autism Awareness coming it is nice to find a few new apps.  This app matches the verbal sound and the written word.  You set how many pictures from one, few, many.  If you want to make it more difficult you can have text the key card only.  Depending on the age of the child and their functioning level will determine how many cards you may start out with.  You can also have the correct answer given rather than a buzzer when incorrect  and a “appropriate” YOU WIN when you get the cards correct.

Faces you Make $1.99 By Autism Labs is great for young kids to help build up their vocabulary and ability to match words with pictures as this is something that many children struggle with.   They use realistic photos of day to day living while increasing the day to day vocabulary in a fun presentation. As you get to the more difficult levels the pictures are smaller and the vocabulary is more sophisticated continuing to make it more challenging.  UnknownThe score is kept in the top let hand corner giving the therapist an eye on the student’s progress but not the focal point.   Faces you make does what it should, help the child focus, expand their vocabulary while feeling good about themselves.  It does not have a lot of bells a whistles but it does allow the child to expand their vocabulary and work on matching the two which is a goal many  Autistic children need.  It’s clean with beautiful realistic pictures.