Simply Smarter Kids

Simply Smarter Kids– $1.99- the perfect app to increase a child’s working memory and short term memory.  The app works hand and hand with NAED- The National Association for Child Development. This specific app has been working with Down Syndrome students.

“Interest = intensity, intensity = progress”

In the set up you can make the levels as easy as 1 to as difficult as 8.  Sounds can be as loud as 8 and as low as 1 and cheering can be the Unknown-4same.  When the student plays the game they can choose classic order (auditory/visual), auditory only, visual only and for a real challenge reverse order.

The game comes with common objects.  Each additional game is $.99.  The additional games include animals, colors, numbers, letters and household items.  I would like to see data tracking and progress as part of the apps.

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