Lumen’s Document Camera 125


First what is a Document Camera?  It has replaced the overhead projector with the ability to project are capable of displaying documents on plain paper, overhead transparencies and three dimensional objects. If you want to take a picture of what you are projecting or auto freeze an image this is an option.

The Lumens 125 allows you to plug into your computer and project into your computer. It is really “special” when you want to show a three dimensional object to a class of students such as in a Daily Living Skills class for high school, I will show a NY state identification card.  I  project it on my SMART board making it large enough for all the students to see. If a student wants a picture of it for a presentation I simply press the camera button and it saves my picture for later use.

I have used a few document camera and hands down this is the best.  It has a flexible neck, pictures come in crystal clear- no fiddling which loses your audience.

The Resolution is XGA, SXGA, 720p, 1080p,UXGA, QXGA(2048×1536), Frame Rate 30 fps, A+Zoom Mechanical: 8x, Digital 8x, Weight 2.2 lbs. Price on Amazon 270.36.

This is not a frivolous piece of Assistive Technology, for special needs students it brings the pictures alive. It enables the student to see the picture from all different angles when discussing something more intricate such as using an “ATM” machine.  We have look-a-like ATM machines. Again the goal is help prepare our class for graduation.